Orneta Explorer Mobile 1.0 Free Download

Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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Explorer Mobile, by Orneta is a simple and easy to use file viewer and manager for Windows Mobile based devices. Browse, Open, Copy, Move, Rename and Delete files with ease -- and more! -- without the need for a personal computer.

* Unleash the power of your device with an elegant interface

Explorer Mobile makes it simple to view the files on your Windows Mobile based device in style with support for multi-state icons. The design of Explorer Mobile allows you to work with the files while it is busy. Browse another folder, open a file, rename, cut, copy, paste, and work with your files at any time.

* Designed for Ease of Use

Explorer Mobile has been designed to be simple and elegant, while allowing easy access to powerful features. Easy access to the most common folders on your device are available directly from the menu.

* Simple and elegant one-handed operation

Explorer Mobile was designed with simple one-handed operation in mind. No mater what you want to do, its always accessible from simple and easy button presses.

* Powerful filters make navigation a breeze

Only view the files you are interested in, Explorer Mobile makes it possible to easily view only certain files. Its simple to edit the filters, remove them, or create new ones. Display Filters are a very powerful feature that are always a few button presses away. Browsing files has never been so fast, simple and easy.

* Multi-State Icon Support

Explorer Mobile supports the latest advancements from Windows Mobile 5.0, including Multi-State icons. The icon will change appearance if it is selected, like many of the bundled applications included with Windows Mobile 5.0. Explorer Mobile is seamlessly integrated with Windows Mobile in every way.

* Unparalleled device support

Explorer Mobile supports virtually any released or future Windows Mobile device.

System Requirements:

Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone or Pocket PC

Orneta Explorer Mobile 1.0 Free Download screenshot